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ASEB Academy and Birmingham College (UK) proudly present:

The British TESOL program

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program is a program that is designed and developed for overseas teachers teaching English language in schools, colleges and study centers who are practicing teachers of English who wish to refresh their English, look at current trends and reflect on their personal philosophy of education.

The overall aim is to provide participants with an insight into approaches in ELT taken in the UK and to highlight the emphasis placed on student-centered learning, personalization and the value of promoting Learner Autonomy.

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Who is this Program for?

The program is for anyone who has genuine interest in teaching English, those who are willing to develop their teaching skills as well as their career whether working or studying,  and finally

What are the admission requirements?

  1. Genuine interest in teaching is required for all participants
  2. A  graduate level

- with specialization of linguistics in the English language medium

- or passing the competency tests held at our premise (only for non-specialists).

c. Experience in teaching English as a second/foreign language is desirable

What is the program’s duration/schedule?

Duration: 60 hours + self study hours



Starting date


Number of hours/session

Greater Cairo


3 times a week

(every other day)

4 hours



3 times a week

(every other day)

4 hours


What are the Academic benefits of the program?


By the end of the program, trainees will

A- be able to:

1- design well-developed lesson plans for different genres of English classes.

2- prepare and give interactive presentations in an interesting ambience.

3- apply updated classroom management techniques.

4- design interesting useful activities for their classes.

5- apply updated assessment procedures in their teaching environments.

6- pursue self-development in their career after the program.

B- recognize:
1- second Language Teaching methods.

2- second Language Acquisition models.

3- core concepts of assessing the language four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) as well as basic assessment concepts such as validity and reliability….etc

4- higher levels of grammar and writing rules.

Why have the TESOL Program at ASEB?

Because at ASEB Academy the TESOL program is:

ü Flexible

ü Affordable

ü Intensive

ü Complying with international standards.

ü Comprehensive (covering almost all aspects of teaching and teacher development)

ü World-wide recognized

ü Provided by an expert highly qualified team


Who designed the program?

The program is designed and developed by expert professionals who have been working in the field of teacher training for many years. This includes professors from top ranked UK and overseas universities and higher education institutes and professionals who have worked for British Council.

The list of contributors to the program includes:

· Mr. Rafael Salguero [MA in ELT for Specific Purposes (Distinction) from the University of Warwick, LLUK Professional Recognition (ESOL specialist) and Trinity College (London) TESOL Licentiate Diploma]

· Mr. Gregory Barron (development of innovative teaching specialist)

Other Contributors from UK

  • Christopher Jordon
  • Peter Frankland
  • Carole Williams
  • Thomas Birstrow

Other Contributors from Overseas

  • Prof. A. Patel (India)
  • Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed (Egypt - MA in TEFL from the American University in Cairo)
  • Dr. I. Diakonidze (Georgia)
  • Prof. Lee (China)
  • Prof. R. Reynolds (UK)
  • Dr. Kurt Gamerschlag (Germany)
  • Prof. Danilovic (Sweden)


Who are the program’s teachers/ supervisors/coordinators?

A group of very highly qualified and experienced Senior English language teachers with PHD or Masters degree in TESOL/TEFL as well as considerable experience in TOT, organizational and institutional aspects.

What are the teaching/ delivery methods?

Program delivery will include:

  • Lectures
  • Group Work
  • Workshops
  • Discussions
  • Assignments / Assessments
  • Oral Presentations

What is the assessment scheme?

Successful completion shall be achieved and measured through vivid productions of the participants in the form of real classroom presentations, learning journals, assignments, and tests.

What is the program’s award/accreditation?

Birmingham College’s TESOL qualification will be awarded on successful completion of the program. (Illustration1).  Birmingham College is accredited by BAC and accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English Language.



How much does it cost?

ASEB presents the program with a very competitive price of £250 or 2400 Egyptian pounds including all study material, Certificate and shipping fees.

Optional: All graduates of the TESOL program are invited to attend the program’s graduation ceremony and workshop held with the presence of one of the program’s native founders.

Fees: 500 L.E (Optional)

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