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IMG_0182Kids Courses (2011)

  1. The course makes kids prepared for the next school year.
  2. Kids have fun while learning beneficial knowledge.
  3. English language Speaking & listening skills are enhanced through using audio and video.
  4. Your kids Learn and practice using the American accent.
  5. Kids customized IT programs and material.
  6. Specialized instructors who are trained to teach kids.
  7. ASEB provides certificates for all programs.
  8. Safe and clean environment.
  9. Small groups of learners for maximum benefit.
  10. Graduation party and gifts for summer program graduates.


Kids courses with ASEB are

Fun Intensive Serious
fun Intensive serious

You can get 50% discount  if your kid is a member

Membership Duration: 3 Months                         Price: 50 LE


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First, your kid sits for a placement test in order to form heterogeneous groups.

I English Language Courses

1- Kids General English Courses

Price: 120 LE 

Levels coded K1-K10 address kids (5 to 12 years of age) who are not yet ready to join classes with adults. Each course lasts for 5 weeks, and focuses on the four skills needed for mastering language: reading, writing, listening and speaking; as well as, acquiring sufficient vocabulary and building up grammar knowledge.

2- Kids Conversation Courses

Price: 160 LE

Kids with advanced English levels are offered five-week conversation courses of 6 levels to enhance their pronunciation and fluency.

II Computer Courses 

(4weeks each)

Microsoft Windows

Price: 70 LE

In four weeks, your child will efficiently learn the basics of using computers, handling windows and multi-tasking and running applications.

Microsoft Word

Price: 70 LE

In this course, your kid will learn how to use the world’s most famous word processing program. The course includes fundamentals such as Creating & saving Word Documents, using page, character, and paragraph formatting, copying, cutting, and pasting, adding pictures, shapes, printing …etc.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Price: 70 LE

Making presentations takes a lot of practice, so the earlier the better. This course is a specialty of ASEB as you can look back at the results of the newly acquired knowledge and feel proud of your kids.

III Summer Program

Duration: 3 months        Price: 240 LE

Invest the summer for your kids. During the 3 months of the summer holiday, ASEB offers a complete program for enhancing English and Computer skills of Egypt’s youngsters.

The program covers the following courses:Summer

  • English language courses
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint



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