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The study at ASEB academy is by default two times a week, 90 Minutes per lecture. Intensive study is an option sometimes offered by the academy or designed for custom tailored courses.

All courses can be offered in one of the following ways:

  • One-to-one training; an ASEB lecturer is assigned to serve one trainee at ASEB after coordinating schedule.
  • Small group training (a maximum of 20 learners per class)
  • On-site training (for companies and institutions only); ASEB’s lecturer(s) moves to the company’s/institution’s premise to provide training. 
  • Custom tailored courses; these include intensive courses and locked group members courses and like ESP courses including maritime English.

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Silver Membership:

Duration : 12 months.

Price : 200 L.E.

Discount: 25%




Golden Membership:

Duration 12 months.

Price 250 L.E.

Discount: 50%




Platinum Membership:

Duration 12 months.

Price 300 L.E.

Discount: 75%




Life-time Membership:

Duration : Life-time.

Price 1200 L.E. (Can be paid on two installments; the first on reservation and the second after 60 days)


First you have to sit for a placement test to make sure groups are heterogeneous.


General English Courses

Duration: 18 Hours (per level)     Fees: 220 LE (per level)general

Through taking 15 six-week levels, learners of English as a foreign/second language can reach the level of proficiency in the four skills needed for mastering language: reading, writing, listening and speaking; as well as, acquiring sufficient vocabulary and building up grammar knowledge.

Conversation Courses

Duration: 22 Hours (per level)     Fees: 300 LE (per level)

Join20the20Conversation20Logo_edited-1Conversation courses are made up of six levels of 5 weeks. These courses aim at developing the speaking skill of our English learners via focusing on the speaking and listening interactive activities. The course also covers areas such as pronunciation, fluency and cultural usage of the English language all over the world. Learners have to be not less than level 7.

English for Specific Purpose (ESP) Courses

Duration: 18 Hours (per level)     Fees: 250 LE (per level)


ESP courses like business English, English for engineering or maritime English courses are especially designed to satisfy certain needs of certain clients via providing the core of General English courses in addition to the specific field’s jargon and language usage.

Business English

Duration: 18 Hours (per level)     Fees: 250 LE (per level)


B1-B5 courses enhance the business English as well as business communication skills of trainees. The course pays much attention to enhancing soft skills such as CV/resume/letter writing, interview and presentation skills. Each lasts for 5 weeks

Writing Course

Duration: 30 Hours     Fees: 300 LE 


In a thirty-hour course, trainees acquire the skills needed to produce a well-organized piece of English academic writing like essays and even figures analyses.

American Pronunciation course

Duration: 30 Hours     Fees: 450 LE


This course lasts for thirty hours and aims at simply making learners speak English like native Americans via introducing them to the phonetic rules and the commonly-used idioms.

Grammer course

Duration: 18 Hours     Fees: 250 LE


Grammar courses coded G1-G3 introduce learners to the prescriptive rules of modern grammar and train them on how to use language without making grammatical mistakes while speaking or writing.

TOEFL& IELTS Preparation Courses

Duration: 40 Hours     Fees: 550 LE


1039_49_1260007566_ets_toefl_logoTo take the International English Language Testing System test (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), test takers need to acquire basic skills that ASEB offers in a forty-eight-hour class using the up-to-date material whether for General / Academic IETLS as or IBT / Local TOEFL. ASEB’s preparation courses aim at guaranteeing the test taker will attain the desired scores.

  • General IELTS : Mostly needed by those willing to travel or immigrate to an English speaking country where the test taker is under the obligation of attaining certain scores as proof of language proficiency.
  • Academic IELTS : Mostly needed by those willing to study abroad either for under or post graduate studies. The test taker is under the obligation of attaining certain scores as proof of language proficiency.
  • Local TOEFL : Stipulated by all Egyptian universities and faculties on all those wishing to continue with their post-graduate studies whether for Diploma, Masters or PHD level. Each college specifies a certain score and the certificate has to be submitted before finishing the study. The local TOEFL certificate is also required by some multi-national companies prior to applying to certain jobs. The test is available in two formats: Paper-based Test (PPT) and Computer-based Test (CBT).
  • Internet-based TOEFL : Stipulated by many Universities and faculties around the world where each college or university specifies a certain score and the certificate has to be submitted during the application stage. Moreover, the IBT TOEFL certificate is sometimes required for travel purposes whether these may be for study, immigration or even work. The test is only available online at authorized test centers.

Translation course

Duration: 30 Hours     Fees: 300 LE


Translation courses aim at teaching the fundamentals of translation, introducing the trainees to translation theories, practicing with machine translation and experimenting with different specialized field translation. The course is recommended only for those who have passed level 12 and have finished the Writing course.

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